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Saga is famous for its Imari and Arita pottery, which are representative of Japan. The fresh and transparent squid caught in the Genkai-nada Sea are exquisite and may be enjoyed in ikezukuri style (sashimi prepared from live seafood). Shimayama-jima Island, which is a part of the Iroha-jima Islands, is an island of flowers and adventure based on the concept of Peter Pan's Neverland. It is enormously popular with children.

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Airport & Shinkansen Locations in Saga

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Locations in Saga(Number of Locations: 5)

Nearby Airports, Shinkansen Stations, Ports are shown.

Location Name Contact Details Neaby Airport, Shinkansen, or Port
Saga Airport (HSG)

9476-187, Inuido, Kawazoe-machi, Saga-shi, Saga


Saga Airport (HSG)
Shin-Tosu Railway Station(Tosu)

3058 Nihonmatsu, Harakogamachi aza, Tosu-shi , Saga


Shin-Tosu Railway Station
Karatsu Station

2935-1, Shinkomachi, Karatsu-shi, "Karatu" Staion 1st Floor, Saga


Karatsu Port
Saga Station

3-1-33, Kono Higashi, Saga-shi, Saga


Takeo Onsen Railway Station(Takeo)

255 Tomioka, Takeo-cho, Takeo-shi, Saga