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Kenroku-en Garden is the most historic garden in Japan and is one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan. The Higashi Chaya-gai district features beautiful latticed bay windows and stone pavements, and it has been designated as one of the country's Important Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings. Ishikawa Prefecture is well known even in Japan for its hot spring resorts, including the Wakura Hot Springs, the Yamanaka Hot Springs, and the Yamashiro Hot Springs. The Omi-cho Market, which is visited by many overseas visitors, is also popular.

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Airport & Shinkansen Locations in Ishikawa

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Locations in Ishikawa (Number of Locations: 2)

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Location Name Contact Details Nearby Airport, Shinkansen, or Port
Komatsu Airport (KMQ)

88-1 Hei, Atakashinmachi, Komatsu-shi, Ishikawa


Komatsu Airport (KMQ)
Kanazawa Station

1-11-6, Hirooka, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa


Kanazawa Station