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Station number(s) in "Nagano" Number of cases:7

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  • Station at Airport
  • Station at Port
  • Station at Shinkansen Railway
  • Shop have support Shinkansen
1-10-16, Naka Gosho, Nagano-shi Nagano
Matsumoto Station
1-2-16, Honjo, Matsumoto-shi Nagano
Matsumoto Airport (MMJ)
  • Shop have support airport
8909, Kuko Higashi, Matsumoto-shi Nagano
  • Shop have support Shinkansen
1-3-22 Tokida, Ueda-shi Nagano
Iida Zakouji
4126, Zakoji, Iida-shi Nagano
7853, Shiga Godo, Suwa-shi Nagano
Sakudaira Station
  • Shop have support Shinkansen
7-6, Sakudaira Eki Minami, Saku-shi Nagano

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