Notes on using car rental


We ask you to return the vehicle with full tank.
Please refuel at the nearest gas station from return station.
In case you cannot refuel prior to your return, we will charge you for refueling on your behalf.
The calculation policy for fuel charge will be based on the mileage so the fuel charge will be higher than market price.

Self Service Gas Station

The number of self-service gas station is increasing in Japan.
However, we recommend you to go to full service gas station if you are not confident enough to read and speak Japanese, so that an attendant can pump the right type of fuel for you.
There are actually some cases reported that wrong types of gas has been filled.

Please ask our staff. We will help you find the nearest gas station.



Choose Times Car RENTAL for your drive in Japan.
You can hire a car from our safe and various fleet at major airports and railway stations.
We support your travel with a dedicated customer service team in 10 languages.

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