Parking Violations

Regulations for illegal parking and other traffic violations became stricter in Japan. If you are found in violation of parking laws, you will be fined a large sum of penalty.

No Parking Sign

The image shows No Parking sign. Do not park the vehicle in the area near this sign.

Rental vehicles must be parked in a parking lot, even if only for a short period of time. Do not park rental vehicles in private parking spaces such as the parking lot or front yard of a private residence. Parking violations are subject to penalties.

No Parking Sign

When a parking violation sticker is posted on the vehicle

When a parking violation sticker is posted on the vehicle

A sticker similar to the one shown in the image will be posted on the vehicle if you parked in a no-parking area. Do the following steps if a sticker is posted on your vehicle.

  1. Go to the police station and pay the fine.
  2. Get a receipt from the police and submit it to our staff when you return the vehicle.If you fail to present "Notice of Traffic Violation" and "Payment Slip & Receipt" upon return, JPY 30,000 for parking violation fee will be charged.

Parking in Parking Lots

Lock-style parking lots

Parking procedure

Parking procedure
  1. A locking plate is installed in the center of the parking space.Some can be found at the front part of the parking space.
  2. Park the vehicle in an empty space by driving over the locking plate.Do not park in empty spaces with a raised locking plate.
  3. Complete the parking procedure within two (2) minutes. Otherwise, the locking plate will automatically be raised.

Payment Procedure

Payment Procedure
  1. Check the number of your parking space.
  2. Enter the number of your parking space into the fare adjustment machine. Once you’ve paid the correct parking fee, the locking plate will automatically be lowered.
  3. Check whether the locking plate has been lowered before driving out of the parking space.

Gate-style parking lots

Parking Method

Parking Method
  1. Gate-style parking lots are comparatively larger than other parking lots.Gates are located at the entrance and exit.
  2. Stop the vehicle at the entrance gate, press the button on the ticket machine, and then take the parking ticket.
  3. Drive into the parking lot. The gate will automatically be raised once you get the ticket.
  4. Park the vehicle in an empty space.

Payment Method

Payment Method
  1. Stop the vehicle at the exit gate and insert your ticket into the fare adjustment machine.
  2. Pay the parking fee displayed on the fare adjustment machine.
  3. Do not reverse the vehicle after paying the fee. The gate will be lowered again if you do, and you will not be able to drive out.
  4. Pay the parking fee to open the gate, and then drive out.

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