ETC(Electronic Toll Collection)

ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) is an automatic cashless payment system for passing through toll gates. This is a convenient way of paying expressway tolls without having to stop at tollbooths; the cost of the toll will be simply charged to the IC chip embedded in the ETC card.

Advantages of the ETC System

  • No need to prepare cash to pay the toll.
  • No need to waste time paying the toll at the tollbooth.
  • Various special passes are available for vehicles equipped with an ETC device.

Reservation Method

An ETC card is required. You may either get your own card or rent one from Times CAR RENTAL. We recommend renting a card from us since you can pay the vehicle’s rental fees and expressway tolls at the same location.

ETC cards are available for rent at major Times CAR RENTAL stations nationwide.

Prices / How to Pay

JPY 300 + Tax per rental. Total price based on usage history recorded in the card will be charged. Please settle the payment upon arrival.

ETC Card is available only for rental car customers at Times CAR RENTAL.

Using ETC Cards

  1. Insert the ETC card into the ETC device (standard accessory).  
  2. Check the signs posted over the entrance/exit gate on the expressway, and enter the ETC lane.
  3. Continue to drive and pass through the gate.

ETC Gate Sign

ETC Lane

ETC Lane

ETC Lane / General Lane

ETC Lane / General Lane

General Lane

General Lane

*When Not Using an ETC Card: Enter the 一般 (General) lane. Pay cash at the tollbooth. (Credit cards are accepted only at certain tollbooths)

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  • ETC cards are issued by credit card companies, and they are only issued to residents of Japan.
  • Do not insert your credit card into the ETC device. The device will not work at ETC lanes even if you insert your credit card.
  • Do not forget to remove the ETC card from the device when leaving and returning the vehicle.
  • Times CAR RENTAL reserves the right to terminate the ETC card rental service without prior notice.

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