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Information about driving in Japan
Procedure from Reservation to Return the Vehicle.

Would you like to have something special and memorable journey in Japan?

If so, how about using car rental?It is very convenient for transportation if you go to countryside such as "Onsen" (Hotspring) or beautiful landscape in Japan.

Please read if you have ever wondered "I want to drive a car in Japan, but I do not know how to use that" It is not difficult to use car rental in Japan.

Let's drive and have something special!!

Let's reserve your car from Website!!

Check the availability

When your travel is scheduled, check the availability from our website.
We have a wide variety of vehicles which can meet your requests.
Check our website and find your best suited vehicle.

Simple Booking through Website!!

If you could check the availability, go on to the reservation.
You can reserve your car anytime you wish with our website.
【POINT!】 Do you have a valid driver's license for driving in Japan?
In order to drive in Japan, you need to provide your driver's license or translation documents depending on your country of residence.
For further information, please read 「License to Drive in Japan

Go to Car Rental Station and Pick-up your Vehicle

Please show followings to our staff.

・Driver's License
・Other Necessary Documents

Our staff will guide about vehicle!

Our staff will explain to you how to operate the vehicle and applicable fuel for the vehicle.

Check condition of the vehicle with our staff!

Please check condition of the vehicle with our staff such as damage and angle of rearview mirror.

Back to the return station. Thank you!!

One-way is good for your journey!!

When you want to return the vehicle to the different station from the station you pick-up your vehicle, one-way is available.
*One-way Service is not available at some station. Pleaase check with us in advance.
*One-way charge applies.
*Please inform us in advance when you use one-way.

Fill up the fuel before you return the vehicle

Do not forget to fill it up before you return the vehicle.
Please show us the receipt of gas station to our staff when you return the vehicle.

Finally, check the vehicle with our staff!

Please check condition of the vehicle.
Do not forget your belongings when you leave the vehicle.
【POINT!】 Please make your schedule that you can arrive in plenty of time in order to provide against traffic jam.
Please make a payment upon returning if any extra charges applies.



Choose Times Car RENTAL for your drive in Japan.
You can hire a car from our safe and various fleet at major airports and railway stations.
We support your travel with a dedicated customer service team in 10 languages.

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