Sedans(Hokkaido Summer Rates)


M-2 Class

  • Seating Capacity x 5
  • Recommended Number of Passengers x 4
  • Luggage Guide x 3
The smallest vehicles in the sedan line-up. Can carry both people and luggage; perfect for business use due to their formal designs.

*Displayed vehicle is an example.

*You may not select specific car model or color.

*All non-smoking vehicle.

Rental Fees

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Up to 6 hours Up to 12 hours Up to 24 hours Additional
Daily Fee
Hourly Fee
Safety Package
(24 Hours)
Super Safety Package
(24 hours)
JPY 10,230 JPY 10,230 JPY 12,210 JPY 9,460 JPY 1,210 JPY 1,100 JPY 2,200

*Tax Included