Komatsu Airport (KMQ)

Rental Car Station Information

Airport Location
Address 923-0995
Contact Details 0761-23-3838
Please be careful not to dial the wrong number.
Access 10 minutes walk from Komatsu Airport Terminal
Opening Hours 8:00-17:00
Closing Days and Holidays 1/1-1/3
Precautions When Picking Up the Vehicle Precaution when picking up the vehicle.
Please come to the rental car counter located in the domestic arrival lobby.
We will provide transportation from the airport to the store.(about 5-10minute drive)
Precautions When Returning the Vehicle Vehicle must be returned 1 hour prior to flight departure time.
Free transportation to airport is available.
Eligible Airports Komatsu Airport (KMQ)
Multi-language Voice Translator Available
Supported Languages: English, Chinese (Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese), Korean, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese
Map Code

ican  120 559 075*33

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