Mazda CX-8 (O4D Class) Now Available!
From December 2017, CX-8 is available for hire.
Available shops will be expanded by February 2018.
For now, you may hire CX-8 at Ibaraki locations from December 22nd!
The new CX-8 features a new SUV style design based on a strong and powerful form with a look of maturity and dignity.

An updated SKYACTIV-D 2.2 clean diesel engine.
 The new SKYACTIV engine improves combustion efficiency, reduces harmful emissions and makes for a quieter engine – giving the experience of both powerful SUV and smooth driving.

The cabin was designed for ease-of-use as a three-row SUV and to provide a comfortable and high-quality space for all occupants. A flexible luggage compartment and variety of storage spaces cater to a wide range of purposes.
The cabin is comfortable and quiet enough that all passengers can enjoy conversing while on the move.

It is a perfect fit not only for a light recursion, but for fun trips with family and friends as well.
Please meet CX-8’s driving experience with powerful engine, luxurious design and multi-purpose utility.

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