Times Car RENTAL (Home)When an accident or trouble has occured...

When an accident or trouble has occured...

Times Car Rental provides high level coverage and sufficient support to customers.

What you need to do when an accident has occured?

DO NOT negotiate with third parties under any circumstances.
The damage will not be covered by our insurance.

Excess Amount for Accident

In case of an accident, following charges will apply.

If you choose Basic Package

If you choose Safety Package

If you choose Super Safety Package

Non Operation Charge(NOC)

If the car is damaged or stolen, you willl be charged the following amount as a compensation for our business loss during the vehicle repair or recovery. The amount of NOC depends on the damage level and vehicle category.

Non Operation Charge(NOC)
Vehicle Category A(Drivable) B(Undrivable)
CategoryⅠ JPY20,000 JPY50,000
CategoryⅡ JPY30,000 JPY70,000
CategoryⅢ JPY50,000 JPY100,000

A(Drivable): In case the vehicle is still able to be driven to the scheduled station.
B(Undrivable): In case the vehicle is unable to be driven to the scheduled station.
NOC is nontaxable.

When trouble has occured with the vehicle...

When any trouble occurs with the vehicle, such as...
- Locked with key inside
- Lost Power
- Malfunction on the engine
- Out of Gas
- Stuck off the road

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