Non-Smoking on All Vehicles from October 10th

News 2018/07/23

Thank you for choosing Times Car RENTAL.

In line with the current social trend of non-smoking in public transportation and increasing demand for non-smoking vehicles, as of October 10th, 2018, Times Car RENTAL will switch its entire vehicles to non-smoking*.

On and after October 10th, all bookings made on Times Car RENTAL official website will be reserved under non-smoking booking.

Over 90% of Times Car RENTAL’s vehicles are already non-smoking, and as the current trend of public transportation such as Taxi service is non-smoking, Times Car RENTAL will endeavor to provide clean and comfortable shared mobility space for our customers by making all its vehicles non-smoking.

*Except for existing contractual bookings (loaners, commercial vehicles, etc.)


Valid from Departures on and after October 10th, 2018 (Wednesday)

Non-smoking includes heated tobacco products and vaporizers.

Should a customer smoke in a non-smoking vehicle, a separate cleaning fee will be charged.