Accessory and Option Fees

Times CAR RENTAL has a wide range of accessories and options available to cater to user needs.

However, these are subject to availability.

Please directly inquire with us for details on items not listed below.

Accessories and Options


GPS navigation system Free

About GPS Navigation
Studless snow tires JPY 2,200
*Maximum fee charged: 10 days (or 240 hours)
(Free of charge in some areas)
4WD JPY 1,650

*Accessory fee for 24 hours
*The price displayed includes 10% VAT.


Child seats Infant/Toddler seats
JPY 1,100

Booster seats
JPY 550

About Child Seat

*Per rental option fees
*The price displayed includes 10% VAT.

Accessories & Options

GPS navigation system


  • CD (Portable)
  • DVD (Portable, Installable, Manufaturer Default)
  • Hard Disk (Portable, Installable, Manufaturer Default)

*Type may differ on each area.

*You may not select the type.

Usage Conditions

  • The map data on the navigation system may not be up-to-date. Please refer to road signs or utilize other maps when possible.
  • Please be advised that your current location may not be displayed on the navigation system due to technical error or weather conditions.
  • Times CAR RENTAL will not be held responsible for any accident caused due to maneuvering the above equipments.
    Do NOT maneuver the equipment while driving.

Child seats (infant/toddler/booster seats)

[Supported Vehicles]

Passenger Vehicles
*May not be installed in the type above due to the configuration of the vehicle.
*Use child seats that are appropriate for the child’s physique.

Infant seats

JPY 1,100(Per Item)

Height: Up to 70cm
Weight: Up to 10kg
Age: Newborn infants up to 1 year old

Toddler seats

JPY 1,100(Per Item)

Height: 65cm to 100cm
Weight: 9kg to 18kg
Age: 1 to 4 years old

Booster seats

JPY 550(Per Item)

Height: 100cm to 135cm
Weight: 15kg to 36kg
Age: 4 to 10 years old

*The price displayed includes 10% VAT.
*Actual items may differ from the images shown.

Usage Conditions

  • Drivers are obligated to use child seats when travelling with children below six years old.
    Rental may be refused if child seats have not been prepared or reserved.
    *Does not apply only to children who have difficulty sitting in child seats.
  • Staff members may assist in installing child seats, but the responsibility for safety still lies with the user. Note that Times CAR RENTAL cannot be held responsible for any accidents or problems arising from faulty equipment.
  • Users may be required to cover the costs incurred when child seats are damaged or lost as a direct result of inappropriate handling or care.

Number of Child Seats that Can be Installed (Approximate)

*For your safety, we do not recommend installing a child seat in the front passenger seat.
*Child seats cannot be installed in the center seat.

1-2 seats

1-2 seats [Vehicles that can seat 4 to 5 people]

3 seats

3 seats [Vehicles that can seat 7 or more people]

4 seats

4 seats [Vehicles that can seat 8 or more people]

5 seats

5 seats [Vehicles that can seat 10 or more people]

*Approximate numbers when two adult passengers are on board.