Sapporo Odori Clock Tower

Rental Car Station Information

Address 060-0001
Contact Details 011-252-3939
Please be careful not to dial the wrong number.
Access ※There are three elevators in the building: <East EV><North EV><Southwest EV>. Please come to the second basement floor by using <Southwest EV>. Our store is located in front of it.

3 minutes walk from Exit No. 31 at Subway "Odori" station.
5 minutes walk from Exit No. 22 at Subway "Sapporo" station.
10 minutes walk from South Exit at JR "Sapporo" station.
* We do not provide parking spaces for customer vehicles.
Opening Hours 9:00-18:00
Closing Days and Holidays Open all year round
Precautions When Picking Up the Vehicle You will depart from the 2nd basement floor parking lot same as the location of the store. Please insert your parking ticket into the payment machine and exit the parking lot. It takes about 3 minutes from the parking lot to the public road.
Precautions When Returning the Vehicle Please return to the 2nd basement floor parking lot. Please press the 'レンタカー返却専用' button to enter. Please be sure you have enough time for the vehicle return, as the parking lot is shared with another commercial facility.
Accepted Payment Methods Credit Card
Map Code

ican  9 523 212*83

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