Rental Car Station Information

Port Location
Address 047-0031
Contact Details 0134-32-6767
Please be careful not to dial the wrong number.
Access 7 minutes walk from "Otaru" Station Central Exit
Opening Hours 8:00-19:00

Closing Days and Holidays 12/31-1/3, Tuesday(3/1-6/30)
Precautions When Picking Up the Vehicle We can make special arrangement to pick you up a vehicle only out of business hours of Ferry arrivals.
Precautions When Returning the Vehicle You can not return a vehicle at Otau Ferry Terminal.
Eligible Ports Otaru Ferry Terminal
Accepted Payment Methods Credit Card
Map Code

ican  493 690 519*58

"MAPCODE" is registered trademarks of DENSO Corporation.
Remarks *To customes who request to pick up a vehicle at Otaru Ferry Terminal,If you request to pick up a vehicle at Otaru Ferry Terminal, please make a request when making reservation.(Surcharge: JPY 5,500 at Cash Only).