Pet Policy

Please read and strictly follow the precautions provided below when traveling with a pet in the rental car.

Advance reservations are required.

Do not forget to mention that you will be traveling with a pet when making a reservation. Please note that failure to mention this may result in refusal of your reservation.

Pets must be kept in a cage.

  • Pets must be kept in a cage placed in the rear luggage space.
  • Cages are to be provided by the user.
  • Pets must not be released from their cages inside the rental car.
  • Pets must not be fed or given water inside the vehicle.
  • Check the luggage space you need in advance. Only the following five models are equipped with a luggage space capable of storing pet cages.
Vehicle Type Loadable size of the cage (cm)
C-1 70x90x75

In the Event of Damage to the Vehicle

Please note that users will be charged the following sums for damage to the vehicle caused by pets.

Category Compensation for business loss Compensation for repairs
Seat Damaged JPY20,000-JPY30,000 Actual Value
Others occured by pets.

Other Rules

Sign the consent form and submit it when you pick up your vehicle at the station.

*These rules do not apply to guide dogs, service dogs, and hearing dogs. However, a certification issued by a competent government authority must be submitted.