Midterm Cancellation and Other Rules

Midterm Cancellation

  • If you need to return your vehicle midway through the rental period, contact the pickup location in advance to receive authorization.
  • The balance of the unused period will be refunded, although the user will be required to pay a midterm cancellation fee.
  • [Midterm Cancellation Fee]
  • (Rental fees corresponding to the Rental Agreement period ‒ Rental fees corresponding to the period from rental until termination) x 50%

*However, the midterm cancellation fee shall be limited to the amount specified separately as below.

Amount Limit (Tax Excluded) Models & Class
JPY 20,000 C-0・C-1・C-2・M-2・S-2
JPY 30,000 C-3・M-3・M-4・F-2・W-1・W-1W・W-2・W-4・S-4・O-2・O-3・O-4
JPY 50,000 M-5・X-2・F-3・F-4・F-5・F-6・W-5・W-6

Other Rules

  • All other rental rules are based on the provisions in the Times CAR RENTAL Terms and Conditions.
  • Certain vehicles for rent by Times CAR RENTAL are equipped with a GPS (Global Positioning System) device for the protection of users in the event of accidents or other forms of trouble, and for ensuring a swift response from us. Please note that we cannot accept requests to disable the device. All location data we receive is handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Feel free to consult with the station staff for any related queries.
  • Consumption tax will be charged in addition to the total rental fee.
  • The fees provided are subject to change without prior notice.