About a Refueling Service Charge

Please fill the gas tank upon returning the vehicle. If the car is not returned with a full tank of gas, a separately calculated gas unit price and refuelling service charge will be born as set by the company policy below.

How to calculate refueling fee

Standard Cost of Fuel

Cost per liter of fuel (average cost determined by the oil information Center*) + JPY 10 (refueling service charge).
* A different pricing system applies to remote islands.

1km of distance traveled per Vehicle Model / Standard Calculated Cost in JPY

Cost of 1km of distance traveled = Cost of fuel ÷ (Fuel consumption rate by vehicle model[calculated by the Ministry of the Land, infrastructure and Transport] × 0.7[Times CAR RENTAL standard coefficient])

About a Refueling

Fuel Type

Plese refueling of correct fuel type.Damage or breakdown casued by mis-fueling will not be covered by Times CAR RENTAL 's insurance. Plese make sure the color of the fueling nozzle matches the sticker on the fuel cap.

Fuel Type Regular Premium Diesel
Color of Fuelling Nozzle RedRed YellowYellow GreenGreen
Sticker on Fuel Cap Sticker on Fuel Cap Sticker on Fuel Cap Sticker on Fuel Cap

Standards for Filling Up Fuel Tanks

Full tank:When you can hear 「click」 sound from Fueling Nozzle,And machine will be stop automaticaly. That's a full tank. And Plese Do not addition Fuelling cause of your safety.
*In Diesel Vehicle case, If you use above method may not be a full tank. Plese refueling untill Full sign on the Fuel Gauge.

How to Use Self-serve Gas Station

When filling up the fuel tank yourself, make sure you observe the following instructions and fill the tank to the top.You may be asked to submit the receipt from refueling the tank at the return station.

  1. Clear any static electricity by touching the removal tool on the gas stand for your safety.
  2. Remove the gas fuel cap and insert the gas nozzel into the tank.
  3. Pull the gas pump handle and start fuelling.
  4. Stop when you hear the "Click!" sound.
  5. Close the fuel cap and fuel door.

When you don’t know the location of the fuel inlet

The location of the fuel inlet is displayed by the fuel gauge in most vehicles. The location (left or right) is indicated by the triangular arrow beside the fuel pump mark, so check that.

When the Automatic Stop on Fuel Pumps is Not Functioning Properly

There are cases in which the automatic stop on fuel pumps does not function properly, depending on the vehicle.If fuel pumping stops immediately or if it stops before the fuel gauge shows a full tank, contact the gas station staff and follow their instructions to ensure that you fill the tank up to the top.

When the Fuel Gauge does Not Rise

There are cases in which the fuel gauge drops shortly after driving off, but if you have filled the tank in accordance with the above instructions, it will have no effect on the amount of gasoline you have used when you return the vehicle.