Pet Policy

Please read and obey follwing instructions with regard to driving with pet.

Contact in advance

When you travel with your pet, advance notice is required. Otherwise, you are not permitted to drive with your pet.

Cage and luggage space

When you travel with your pet, please put that in the cage and load at the luggage space.
You are required to provide the cage by yourself.
DO NOT put your pet out of the cage in the vehicle.
DO NOT feed and give that water in the vehicle.

In order to enable you to confirm the size of luggage space beforehand, we offer the only following 5 types for driving with pets.

Vehicle Type Loadable size of the cage (cm)
AZ-WAGON 70×90×75cm
DEMIO 70×90×75cm
ATENZA WAGON 70×90×75cm
(Available when you use 5 seats only)
MPV 70×90×75cm

Interior Deface

In case the vehicle is damaged by your pets, we will ask you to compensate as follows.

Category Non Operation Charge Repair Cost
Seat Damaged JPY20,000-JPY30,000 Actual Value
Others occured by pets.


Please sign a letter of consent.
*This rule is not applicable for guide dog and partner dog. Please bring a certificate issued by government

Download a letter of consent.(6kb PDF file)



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