Rules of Insurance


For your safety and comfortable drive, insurance coverage is provided up to the amounts indicated below.

Bodily Injury Unlimited
Property Damage Unlimited (Deductible: JPY50,000(see note below))
Vehicle Damage Actual Value (Deductible: JPY50,000(see note below))
Personal Bodily Injury Maximum JPY30,000,000 per person

- Deductible amounts above applies if you choose Basic Package; if you choose Safety Package or Super Safety Package, deductible amounts will be zero.
- We are unable to compensate if the case applies to disclaimer on the condition of insurance.

Non Operation Charge (NOC)

In case of an accident which requires repairs to the vehicle, the customer who was involved in the accident shall pay following amount for loss of earnings incurred during the period of the repairs.

Driveable Not Driveable
JPY 20,000 JPY 50,000
Driveable Not Driveable
JPY 30,000 JPY 70,000
Driveable Not Driveable
JPY 50,000 JPY 100,000

1.The Non Operation Charge must be paid even if you have applied for Safety Package. If you have applied for Super Safety Package, however, you are exempted from the payment of NOC.
2. NOC is exempt from TAX.

Protection Package



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