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Central Nippon Expressway Pass 2012 in Autumn[G-PSSS]

The "Cntral Nippon Expressway Pass 2012 in Autumn(CEP)" gives you unlimited access to designated sections originating from Chubu International Aireport at a fixed price.With the ETC (Electronic Toll Collection System) card provided by car rental companies, you canuse expressways without stopping at a toll plaza.

August 10,2012→through November 14,2012
FEE(Rent-A-Car fee not included)
Non-Japanese passport holders
How to USE

Hayatabi is a registered trademark of Central Nippon Expressway company Limited.

Designated sections
about Designated sections
(1)CEP does not apply in the following instances.
(2)Plese read the CEP Terms and Conditions and ETC System Rules in advance.
(3)Roadside displays at toll booths show toll changes that apply to non-CEP users.IfCEP Terms and Conditions are met,you will not be charged the displayed amount.
Mazda Car Rental Overseas Reservation Center
Business hours:9:00-18:30(UTC+9:00)
Where to rent
Central Chubu International Airport shop,Mazda Car Rental
Address:1-1 Cerntrair,Tokoname City,Aichi
Business hours:9:00-21:00(UTC+9:00)
Tel:0569-38-7055(Japanese only)