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Support information
  • Station at Airport
1-3-2, Kashiwadai Minami, Chitose-shi
TEL:0123-45-8756 FAX:0123-45-8760
About 3 minutes walk from "Minami Chitose" Station North Entrance
*There is no car parking lots for your own car.
8:00-20:00 (NOV-MAR)
Open throughout the year
Heavy traffic congestion is expected for holiday seasons.
Please understand that we do not accept deposits of your baggage, mailings etc. before/after check-in/check-out.
Attention on the time of starting
For international arrival passengers, please come to the counter located at 1st floor of Domestic Terminal. Transfer service to/from our station is available.
Attention on the time of returning
Vehicle must be returned 1 hour 30 minutes(2 hours in peak season) prior to the flight departure time.We will take you to the airport.(approx. 15 minutes)
Support airport
Chitose Airport (CTS, SPK)
Support payment

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