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Customer Service

In order to maintain your safety,Times Car Rental offers various services to customers.

Daily Check

In order to maintain good quality and your safety, we checkup the vehicle based on our own maintenance scheme.

Map of our Station

We provide maps in English in order to avoid getting lost on your way back to station.
The map shows our return station as well as the nearest gas station.

Global Customer Desk

You do not have to worry during an accident or trouble.
Times Car Rental has call support center for foreign visitors in 10 languages, including: English, Mandarin, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesia, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian.

Protections / Covers

In case something happens and you need help, Times Car Rental can provide Emergency Roadside Assistance for you.

Safety tips APP

This application is a notice application of Earthquake early warning,Tsunami Warning, Special Wheather Warning.
There are many tools which are useful for an emergency.
For more information and to download APP, click HERE.

How to use GPS?
CLICK HERE to Check!



Choose Times Car RENTAL for your drive in Japan.
You can hire a car from our safe and various fleet at major airports and railway stations.
We support your travel with a dedicated customer service team in 10 languages.

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