Access to Times Car RENTAL Pick-up Location from Naha Airport (International Terminal)

For Naha Airport (Domestic Terminal), please click here.

For Naha Airport (LCC Terminal), please click here.

From Naha Airport (International Terminal) to Pick-up Location

1. The international arriving lobby.

We will pick you up at the arrival lobby.

(Please notify the staff who will be holding a board.)

2. From the international terminal to rental car pick-up stand [1].

From the internatnioal terminal, it takes 2 minutes by walk.

3. The way to get to the [rental car pick-up stand] from the airport.

Please turn left right after you go out of the airport. Soon, you will see the [rental car pick-up stand].

4. From the [rental car pick-up stand] to the shop

It will take approximately 5 minutes to the shop after you get on the pick-up bus.

*The pick-up buses run at regular intervals.

5. The rental procedure at the shop, and the reception desk

After you arrive at the Tmes Car RENTAL reception desk, our staff will guide you to your car after the rental procedure.

Pick-up Location

Naha Airport(International Terminal)

Times Car RENTAL Naha Airport(International Terminal)

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