Car Rental in Okinawa Promotion

Enjoy Outdoor Camping in Japan!

Promotion Good Through

June 18th, 2018 - October 31st, 2020

You can make a reservation before five days of your departure.

Walk-in reservation can only be booked on El Monte RV Japan Funabashi Branch.

About RV Rental

With our brand new RV line-up, you may enjoy an unique camping experience in Japan.

Types of Vehicle:


All vehicles are equipped with GPS, ETC (highway electronic toll collection), rear-view camera, FF Heater, 4WD, and other camping equipment.

Vehicles and Rates

Tax and Insurance included

1 day 1 hour
Weekdays JPY 22,000 JPY 2,200
Weekends, holidays JPY 27,500 JPY 2,750
High-seasons JPY 35,750 JPY 3,575
Top-seasons JPY 49,500 JPY 4,950

Precaution for payment

  • For "CRESSON VOYAGE W EVOLITE," additional JPY 2,750 / Day, JPY 275 / Hour will be charged.
  • One day means 24 hours. Hours up to 12 hours will be calculated on 1 hour price, and anything above 12 hours will be counted as 1 day.
  • High Season: 1/2-5,4/25-5/1,7/1-8/9,8/19-9/19,12/20-12/30
  • Top Season: 5/2-6,8/10-8/18,9/20-11/2,12/31-1/1
  • If you wish to bring your pet, please inform us in advance. A penalty of 50% of your total rental fee will be charged additionally as a cleaning fee if not informed beforehand.

Camping car type

CORDE Leaves




Please let us know your vehicle preference on [Free space for requests].

Privacy Policy

TIMES MOBILITY is a third-party distributor of El Monte RV Japan Corp; therefore, a rental agreement will be created with El Month RV Japan Corp.
Personal information received during reservation will be sent to and owned by El Monte RV Japan Corp. The information will be used in an appropriate manner in providing rental services.
For further information on privacy policy of El Monte RV Japan Corp. please refer to Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

About Damage Coverage

Damage coverage shown below is included in rental price.

Compensation Coverage Compensation Amount
Liability for Third Party Damage Bodily Injury Unlimited
Property Damage Unlimited
(Excess JPY 100,000 per accident)
Drivers and Passengers Personal Injury JPY 30,000,000 per Person
Rental Camping Car Car Insurance Market Price
(Excess JPY 100,000)

*Please be advised that damages to vehicle interior and optional equipment are not covered.

Collision DamageWaiver (CDW / Optional) ・・・JPY 2,750 / Day

By purchasing CDW before departure, the excess amount for vehicle damage will be waived to JPY 0.

Non-Operation Charge (NOC)

In case the vehicle became inoperative for any trouble or accident that occurred during the rental, we will charge the driver extra to compensate the business loss.

When the vehicle was returned to the original returning point JPY 100,000(tax-exempt)
When the vehicle was not returned to the original returning point JPY 150,000(tax-exempt)

*JPY 150,000 will be charged if the vehicle was not returned to the station, regardless of its condition.

*This extra fee will not be supported by CDW.


  • Any reservation cancellations and amendments after confirmation may cost extra fees depending on schedule.
  • One-way rental is not accepted. Please return the vehicle to the departure location.
  • Please refrain from smoking or cooking dishes with strong odor.
  • Reservation accepted up to 5 days prior to departure. Walk-ins are only accepted at El Monte RV Japan Funabashi Branch.