O-2MITSUBISHI Eclipse Cross

MITSUBISHI Eclipse Cross

Mitsubishi compact SUV.
A compact SUV with an advanced design. Features an urban coupe design that gives off a sense of wildness. Designed as an easy-to-handle and easy-to-use SUV, it is easy to drive and easy to get in and out of, and is equipped with functions and utilities for a comfortable journey.
It provides plenty of legroom to ensure comfortable trips. The luggage space is also spacious and convenient.

*You may not select specific car model or color.

*All non-smoking vehicle.


Max Capacity × 5 Best Capacity × 2
Luggage Guide × 2 Number of Doors 5
Body Size (Length × Width × Height) 4,405mm×1,805mm×1,685mm Gas Type Gasoline
Engine 1,500CC Max Horsepower 150PS

Rental Fees

Up to 6 hours Up to 12 hours Up to 24 hours Additional Daily Fee Additional Hourly Fee Safety Package
(24 Hours)
Super Safety Package
(24 hours)
JPY 8,470 JPY 10,340 JPY 12,100 JPY 10,340 JPY 1,320 JPY 1,430 JPY 2,530

*All fees are inclusive of tax.