F-3BMW 218i 1,500cc

BMW 218i 1,500cc

BMW 5-seat minivan.
A 5-seat hatchback boasting front-wheel drive, which is a first for this brand. Emphasis was placed on providing a spacious interior and comfort while maintaining easy handling which BMW is known for. Has enough luggage space even with five (5) people aboard, and the driver does not feel fatigue on long drives, which is a typical feature of German cars. A sporty interior and exterior design that emphasizes the BMW brand.

*You may not select specific car model or color.

*All non-smoking vehicle.


Max Capacity × 5 Best Capacity × 4
Luggage Guide × 3 Number of Doors 5
Body Size (Length × Width × Height) 4,375mm × 1,800mm × 1,550mm Gas Type Premium
Engine 1,498CC Max Horsepower 224PS

Rental Fees

Up to 6 hours Up to 12 hours Up to 24 hours Additional Daily Fee Additional Hourly Fee Safety Package
(24 Hours)
Super Safety Package
(24 hours)
JPY 16,940 JPY 20,570 JPY 24,200 JPY 20,570 JPY 2,640 JPY 2,200 JPY 3,300

*All fees are inclusive of tax.