"Airport Access" is a discounted one way car rental service between local airports and participating Tokyo metropolitan TIMES stations.

Offer Details

Usable Section:
Fixed one way usage between;

  1. Haneda or Narita Airport ⇆ TIMES stations in Tokyo,Kanagawa,Chiba
  2. Haneda Airport ⇆ Narita Airport

Types of vehicle

Compact Car (Mazda Demio 1300 or similar), Mini Van (Mazda Premacy or similar)


The previous pricing has been modified from July, 2017. The price is calculated based on vehicle type and distance between airport and return location. Please check the price detail below.

(in JPY) Price (Up to 3 Hours) Extension Fee
~ 50km 50km ~ 100km 100km ~ +1 hour
Compact 2,980 5,981 8,981 500
Mini Van 4,980 7,981 10,981 1,000
  • ・The above price includes: gasoline fee, one-way fee, and Super Safety Package.
  • ・The distance between the locations is calculated based on the route set by Times Car RENTAL and the area's city office. Please be aware that it may differ from the actual distance.
  • ・If you wish to pick up the vehicle from Haneda airport parking lot instead of car rental counters located in each airport terminal, please choose the extra option (JPY 3,240) during reservation.

Available station

■Using Haneda Airport

Click here for service locations & price

■Using Narita Airport

Click here for service locations & price

How To Use

For your arrival, departure or for both.
Please choose the nearby stations to the airport.
Transferal between;

  • ・TIMES Haneda and stations in central Tokyo.
  • ・TIMES Narita and stations in central Tokyo.
  • ・TIMES Narita and TIMES Haneda

*This is a fixed one way service, you must depart or arrive to the TIMES Narita Airport or Haneda Airport.

Terms and Conditions

Fuel expenses and one way fee, Super Safety Package are included to your rental car fee.
・Please return at our office at least 3 hours before your flight.
・Please note that you can only choose vechile class and vehicle-type specified reservation is unavailable.
・Please note that for extended usage of more than 6 hours, the regular rate applies and refuelling cost will be calculated based on the company's terms&conditions.

How to book

Please be aware that it takes up to 48 hours to confirm the reservation.
Be advised to make reservation 2 days prior to the scheduled departured time.
Please book by e-mail or at shop directly.
For booking by e-mail

If you can not book from the link above, please click here.

These are necessary information to make a reservation.
Please copy this and send mail to

Title : New Reservation < Airport Access>
Service Name: Airport Access
E-mail address:
Telephone no:
Car type: Please choose C1G(Compact) or W2G(Wagon)
Pick up shop: (please chose from available shops)
Pick up date /time: yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm
Return shop: (please chose from available shops)
Return :(same day, within 3hours)

Flight No. :
Equiments and Option: (If necessary)
·Snow Tire
·Infant Safety Seat
·Child Safety Seat
·Booster Seat
*Please refer to the link at "The Usage Fee" section for price
*Please specify quantity for each necessary item.
If not specified, will be considered as 0.



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