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ETC (Electronic Toll Collection System)

When using highways in Japan…

As you approach to an entrance of expressway, you may see the sign shown on the right. It means Electric Toll Collection System (ETC). ETC is an exclusive toll system for highways that makes you possible to pass the tollgate without stopping. You must have all required items ready to utilize ETC system.

What should I do to use ETC lane ?

You need to provide following items to use ETC lane at highways.

1.ETC Device

(All of our vehicles are equipped with ETC devices.)

2.ETC Card

(An Exclusive Card for passing ETC Lane)
Be Careful!!
1.ETC Card is issued by credit card company and can be issued for Japanese residents only.
2.Please do not insert Credit Card to the device. ETC lane does not work even you insert your credit card.

ETC cards are available at limited locations. For details, please click here

What should I do to use highway in Japan ?
When you pass the tollgate
General: please use a general lane ("一般" in Japanese characters). Then, you will be able to pay by cash.(Credit card is available at limited locations.)
ETC : please use a ETC lane.



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