Terms of Use

Cancellation Charge

When you cancel reservation for your own reason, the cancellation fee will be charged by following policy. In addition, if we did not receive any contact from customers even 1 hour passed from scheduled pick-up time, the reservation will be automatically canceled.

7 days before pick-up date 3-6 days before pick-up date 1-2 days before pick-up date On the day
Free 20% of Basic Rental Fee 30% of Basic Rental Fee 50% of Basic Rental Fee

Maximum Charge for cancellation charge is JPY6,300

Driver's License

Please check Driver's License for more details.


Basic rental fee and one-way fee must be paid on pick-up.
Fuel charge or any excess charges must be paid on returning.

Summer Rate in Hokkaido
In case your rental term crosses Hokkaido summer rate and normal rate, the rate is calcuated based on the payment date.
* Example : Rental term is from August, 31st until September, 1st
Adjustment date is on the peak season rate so that the basic fee and the one-way fee are calculated as the peak season rate.
The fuel charge and the extention charge are calculated based on the normal season rate.
Fuel Charge
Please refuel at the nearest gas station before returning.
In additon, please have a receipt and show it to our staff when returning at our location. We recommend you not to refuel at self-service gas station.
If you fail to refuel when you return, we will collect a fuel charge.
Extention Fare
When you extend your rental period, please contact your return station in advance. Extention charge is collected when you return at our location.