Insurance and Coverage

Super Safety Package

This is the most recommended insurance package.
There is no excess amount even in an accident.
Moreover, complete roadside assistance is available for you.

ZERO Excess even in an Accident

Zero excess in case of accident or car trouble
<ZERO Excess>
  • - Non Operataion Charge
  • - Flat tire repair
  • - Damaged/defaced interior or accessories
Insurance and compensation is not applicable in the following cases.
- Damage amount exceeds maximum amount of compensation
- The case has not been reported to the police office
- The case applies to the disclaimer on the conditions of insurance.
(1) Purposeful collision / damages (2) Mis fueling (3) Loss of Wheel Cover (4) Defacement of car interior (5) Loss of Accessories etc.
- Violation of Rental Agreement
(1) Drunk Driving (2) Aggressive Driving (3) Under the influence of drugs (4) Extention of rental without prior notice (5) Accident occurrinig after rental time expires (6) Drivers who are not approved by us (7) Duplicate Rental etc.
- Violation of safety commitment
(1) Damages to the accessories (2) Vehicle stolen when left unlocked (3) Hit and run in a non-parking area (4) Nuisances etc.

Complete Roadside Assistance

Emergency Roadside Assistance Center
<Roadside Assistance>
  • - Towing service: towing the vehicle to the repair shop designated by the pick-up office
    ∗Included in the vehicle damage waiver
  • - Lockout service
  • - Jump starting of the battery
  • - Installation of spare tire
  • - Fueling service in case the fuel runs out: approximately 10 liters of fuel
    ∗Fuel cost will be charged to the customer.
  • - Pulling up the vehicle from ditches or other locations off the road
  • - Other emergency measures: simple repairs which can be done in 30 minutes or less

<Supplementary Assistance>
In case it is still difficult to continue on your trip even with the above measures, the below assistance can be selected. (No duplicate use allowed)
  • - Lodging cost cover
    In case lodging is required due to car trouble (breakdown, accident), assistance in searching for and booking a hotel is available. The cost of lodging will be covered up to 15,000JPY/person (up to the number of passengers stated on the vehicle inspection certificate.)
  • - Travel (transportation) expenses cover
    In case an alternative transportation, such as taxi or public transportation is used within 24 hours due to car trouble (breakdown, accident), the travel expenses up to 20,000JPY/person (up to the number of passengers stated on the vehicle inspection certificate) will be compensated.
    ∗In case only taxi is used, up to 20,000JPY will be compensated regardless of the number of passengers.

Emergency Service Center

Complete roadside assistance
  • - Multi Language Support
    (English, Chinese, Korean)
  • - 24 hours a day
  • - 365 days a year

Insurance Fee and Excess Amount in case of an Accident

Vehicle Category Price Excess Amount
Category I JPY2,000/24H JPY 0
Category II JPY2,300/24H JPY 0
Category III JPY3,000/24H JPY 0

Tax is not included in the price.
For each package, the customer will only pay up to 15 days for rentals within one month.

Vehicle Category

Category I

  • K0GSuzuki WagonR etc.

  • C1GMazda Demio(Mazda 2) etc.

  • C2GMazda Axela Sports(Mazda 3) etc.

  • C2HToyota Aqua etc.

  • C2DMazda Demio 1500 diesel etc.

  • M2GMazda Axela etc.

  • S2GNissan Wingroad etc.
Category II

  • C3GMazda Axela Sports 2000(Mazda 3) etc.

  • C3HToyota Prius etc.

  • M3GMazda Axela etc.

  • M3HMazda Axela 2000 Sky hybrid etc.

  • M4GAtenza Sedan etc.

  • M4DAtenza Sedan diesel etc.

  • S4GAtenza Wagon(Mazda 6) etc.

  • S4DAtenza Wagon diesel etc.

  • W2GMazda Premacy(Mazda 5) etc.

  • W3GMazda MPV(Mazda 8) etc.

  • W4GNissan Serena etc.

  • W4HNissan Serena hybrid etc.

  • O3GMazda CX-5 gasoline etc.

  • O3DMazda CX-5 diesel etc.

  • O4DMazda CX-8 diesel etc.
Category III

  • M5GToyota Crown etc.

  • M5HToyota Crown hybrid etc.

  • W5GToyota Alphard etc.

  • W6GToyota Hiace 10-seater etc.

  • X2GMazda Roadster etc.



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