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3-1-4, Nosato, Nishi Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi
Kansai Mazda Utajima Station Osaka
TEL:06-6477-6767 FAX:06-6473-1538
10 minutes walk from "Mitejima" Station
TUE, 27/DEC/2016-3/JAN/2017,
5/JAN, 18/JAN, 25/JAN, 15/FEB, 15/MAR, 5/APR, 17/APR, 26/APR-28/APR, 10/MAY, 24/MAY, 7/JUN, 21/JUN, 5/JUL, 26/JUL, 7/AUG-11/AUG, 23/AUG, 6/SEP, 27/SEP, 4/OCT, 18/OCT, 8/NOV, 15/NOV, 6/DEC, 20/DEC, 28/DEC/2017-3/JAN/2018
Attention on the time of starting
The station is located in Mazda car dealer
Attention on the time of returning
One-way return is NOT accepted.
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Instructions for service icon

  • Shop have support airport
  • Shop have support Shinkansen
  • Shop have support port
※Shop with each icon is nearby facility.

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