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Information about driving in Japan

A car rental makes your trip in Japan more enjoyable.

We offer some tips for your driving in Japan.

Please enjoy your vacation with us - one of the most excellent car rental.

Procedures from reservation to return the vehicle
Here are the important points of renting a car from booking to check-in.
Driver's License
This page explains about necessary documents and procedures to drive in Japan.
Notes on Return
This page explains about rules when you return a car.
Traffic Rules in Japan
This page explains about Japanese traffic rules.
ETC (Electronic Toll Collection system) is an automatic system to pass through the tollway gate without cash.
Illegal Parking
According to Japanese traffic regulation, street parking is strictly prohibited in restricted area. This page explains about the case if you receive the notice for parking violation.
Midterm Cancellation
This page explains about the refund for midterm cancellation.
How to use GPS
This page explain about how to check our GPS usage videos in Youtube!
Winter Driving Tips
Here are some tips for safe drive in the winter weather and things to be cautious while driving in the snow.

Choose Times Car RENTAL for your drive in Japan.
You can pick up a car at major airports and railway stations.

How to use GPS?
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